Do you believe in God?

Hi guys…, do you believe in God?

If your answer is yes, i think you are lucky….

If your answer is no, i think you are lucky too

Do you know why?

Because both of those who answer yes or not are at least:

1. A human being

2. Alive (of course you so … because you can read this, isn’t it? ha ha ha)

3. Read this article so you can know me

For me, every individual have a choice and this is including to believe in God or not. I hope every body take that decision consciously, have made a deep consideration when deciding to believe in god or not. If you haven’t decided it consciously, or take a deep consideration in making or taking this decision, i suggest you to immediately do so. Because you are a human, you have brain, you can think so use your brain. If you haven’t thought about it, i think there is no different between you and animal or a plant.

We have to be a responsible individual. Do not make a choice just because everybody in your community do so. You should think that they could be right or wrong as well. They are just a human, and sometime human makes mistake, they aren’t mistake-proof aren’t they?. So it is ridiculous to decide something without think it first or just because everybody do it, isn’t it?.

Another thing is that, do not take a decision just based on what you like or not. For example, so many people are smoking, they love it so much, they continue to smoke even they know it is bad bad bad for their health. They act like that just because they love it. Another example, we know that exercises or doing sport is the best way to keep our body fit, but so many people don’t want to do that. Some of them don’t do that just because they are just lazy, they don’t like doing it because they think it so hard to do. They just don’t do it because they don’t like it.

The conclusion is, everyone should take their decision consciously based on what can benefit them or not. If something can benefit them they must take it, and if something can damage themselves (or people around them or their environment), just leave it. Again, do not take a decision based on what you like or not or based on others’ opinion. It is simple, isn’t it?.

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