want to be sold

I woke up this morning surrounded by beautiful voices, yea ….. birds chirping ….. it was very beautiful. I saw them flying freely from a branch to other branch of a tree or just walking around on the ground. Some of them share their food one each other. You know?, they seem not afraid of people who walk or have their activities around them. Although they are beautiful, no one wants to catch them or put them in a cage. I am really really happy watching them.

Then i remember to birds in my country, i think they are not as free as the birds here. Many people are chasing them, trying to capture them, cage them and sell them in the market. Those people make so many reason to do so, such as for money, hobby, entertainment or any other bullshit reason. I am so sad whenever remember it.

I hope some day my people open their eyes, ears, heart so they would let those bird fly and sing freely. I think they just don’t know of how beautiful the live is if those birds can fly and live among them without afraid.


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